Video of the Week: SXULLS Series Gives an Inside Look at German Olympic Team

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From the producers of the series:

Germany’s best male sculling athletes are based in Hamburg, Germany. They pursue one goal—the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

United by one dream, but at the same time divided. Friendship and correlation grow simultaneously to competition and rivalry. 15 strong and passionate men fight for their seats in one of the three Olympic boats. Only the best seven of them will make it to Tokyo.

The project SXULLS gives an exclusive and never-before-seen insight into this selection process of the best. At the same time SXULLS doesn’t only tell the golden moments, but also the long and hard way to get there as well as the stories of the athletes who fail. This is the story about the best rowers in Germany—this is SXULLS.

The series, produced by Silvia Weihermüller and her team (along with creative director Guido Weihermüller and director Matthias Wolf), will extend to some 26 episodes.

Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are already live—Episode 1 (linked below) features 2016 Olympic gold medalist ‘King’ Karl Schulze.

Remember to click the ‘CC’ if you want to turn on English subtitles.

You can keep up with the project via their official website:, where new episodes are posted once per week.

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