Must-See Video: Henley Race of the Day Sees London Edge Whanganui

'The narrowest of margins'—that's literally the race verdict

This might be the closest race since Mahé Drysdale edged Damir Martin in the men’s single at the Rio Olympics. At least, in that case, there was some perceptible difference at the finish, however small. In the above heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup (M4-), there appears to be no separation at all—in fact, how they came to this verdict is something of a mystery to this writer. Do they no longer call dead heats or schedule re-rows?

Hats off to both crews for an epic battle, and ‘Bang the Drum!’ (I’m a London Rowing Club alum, after all.)

Day One is already in the books in Henley-on-Thames, and just one-fifth of the way in, this Regatta is looking like an all-time great. Don’t miss the best live-stream in all of rowing as Henley moves on to Day Two in a few short hours.

ICYMI: Here’s a recap of Day One, with Olympic champ Matthew Pinsent. (Spoiler alert: It also features the above heat of the Wyfold.)

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