Inside Rowing: Harvard Men's Crew

Nick Trojan's first documentary on the past, present, and future of the Crimson

Behind Nick Trojan’s Harvard Crew Documentary and What’s to Come in the Future

“I guess it’s mostly my obsession with rowing. It starts there, always,” says Nick Trojan of the inspiration behind his short feature film.

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In Issue No. 1 | January 2019:

  • Inside Rowing: An interview with Nick Trojan on the background, origins, and development of his rowing film project, and what the future holds.

  • An op-ed on college club rowing: “Let Them Row: There's no good reason why club rowers should be held to four years of eligibility.”

  • Rowing the World: The first in a series on the world’s best rowing cities from an insider perspective—in this issue, 2016 Olympian Andrew Campbell explains his love for Boston, MA.

  • This Month’s Links: The best of the rest of the web.

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